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Walk-In Service

Since October 2017 you may benefit from our walk-in service for minor statistical problems kommen.

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Suspended Walk-In Service

Due to the ongoing corona crisis, the walk-in service offered by the Service Unit is currently suspended until further notice.

Consultations with prior registration are still possible. Further information is available here.


Range of Service

As part of the walk-in service we offer:

  • Short answers to statistical questions
  • Brief explanations and consultations on common statistical procedures

Services for which you must register fo a separate, free consultation appointment, as we are NOT able to provide these as part of the walk-in service:

  • Project planning
  • Case number calculation
  • Consultation on ethics applications (including signatures)
  • Consultation on third-party funding applications (including signatures)
  • Certification for monograph doctorates (including signatures)