After Work Statistics

How was that again with case number planning? How to interpret an odds ratio? Which test for which data? Although every researching physician should have received a certain statistical education, the important statistical methods and topics are often no longer present once you want to apply them. What now?

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After Work Statistics

As a supplement to our individual statistical consultation service, this lecture series offers a refresher on frequently occuring statistical problems. Right after work! The lectures are explicitly aimed at medical researchers. There are eight different topics, each of which is held twice during a semester. A lecture of 30 minutes plus discussion and you are statistically "up to data" again!

New: During the lecture period, 8 topics are taught once in English and once in German.

Time and Location:

Lectures are held mondays from 4 pm to 5 pm at CCM, starting on October 7, 2019. Unfortunately we didn't get the same location for all events this time. The location for the individual lectures are listed in the table below.

Registry and ECTS:

You may

  • just show up for an individual lecture or
  • gain 0.8 ECTS for attending all eight lectures. If you need to have your participation certified, please register by e-mail up to two working days prior to the first lecture with the contact named below.


Silvia Semmrich

Topics, Schedule, and Material

Winter 2019/20 Schedule (English Talks) Topic (English Talks) Slides (English Talks) Termine im WS 2019/20 (Deutsche Vorträge) Thema (Deutsche Vorträge) Folien (Deutsche Vorträge) e-Learning (Deutsche Vorträge) Video (Deutsche Vorträge)  
October 7, 2019 Seminarraum 03.006, Virchowweg 24 So many tests! The agony of choice. View Slides December 2, 2019
Carl Westphal-Hörsaal (Nervenklinik), Bonhoefferweg 3
So viele Tests! Die Qual der Wahl. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
October 14, 2019 Rahel Hirsch HS, Luisenstr. 13 So many questions! Multiple testing. View Slides December 9, 2019
Rahel Hirsch HS, Luisenstr. 13
So viele Fragestellungen! Multiples Testen. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
October 21, 2019 Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24 So many patients? Sample size calculation. View Slidesrescheduled January 20, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
So viele Patienten? Fallzahlplanung. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
October 28, 2019 Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24 What is it this odds ratio? Logistic regression. View Slides January 6, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
Was ist dieses Odds-Ratio? Logistische Regression. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
November 4, 2019 Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24 Missing information? Dealing with missing data. View Slides January 13, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
Fehlende Information? Umgang mit fehlenden Daten. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
November 11, 2019 Rahel Hirsch HS, Luisenstr. 13 The right time? Survival analysis. View Slides January 20, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
Der richtige Zeitpunkt? Analyse von Ereigniszeiten. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
November 18 2019 Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24 Who The variety of influences - Mixed models. View Slides January 27, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
Die Vielfalt der Einflüsse - Gemischte Modelle. Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen  
November 25, 2019 Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24 Who fits together? Patient matching. View Slides February 3, 2020
Konrad Cohn HS, Virchowweg 24
Wer passt zusammen? Matching von Patienten Folien ansehenKursinhalte übenVideo ansehen